PRODUCTS / Photo DMOS Relay-HT Series

Photo Mos Relays-HT Series can be used on High temperature environment . It is a high reliable product with special features such AC&DC ,limited permanency, low driver current, high isolation voltage, subminiature, light transmission, none mechanical contact....etc.

Photo DMOS Relay-HT Series

Photo Mos Relay、Photo MOSFET Relay
Photo Relay、OPTO Relay...

Photo Part Number Package Contact Form Load Load Voltage VL(V) Load Current IL(A) On Resistance Ron(Ω) Off-State Leakage Current Ileak(μA) Turn-On Time Ton(ms) Turn-Off Time Toff(ms) MODEL
SOP4 1a AC/DC 60 0.2 2 1 0.15 0.05 105℃
SOP4 1a AC/DC 60 0.35 0.13 1 1.0 0.6 105℃

˙SOP,DIP,SMD Package in miniature design
˙Low driver power requirements (TTL / CMOS compatible)
˙High reliability ˙Arc-Free with no snubbing circuits
˙1500Vrms input / output isolation
˙3750V& 5000Vrms input / output isolation
˙Tape & Reel version available
˙UL approved no. E222222

•Telecommunications (PC, Electronic notepad)
•Measuring and Testing equipment
•Industrial control
•Security equipments
•Automatic Test Equipment
•I/O Modules
•BMS system
•High speed inspection machine